Software about DMA management for use with ili9341

After a lot of request of my code for the ili9341, Here it’s a short article on this subject

I would like ,for a fast prototyping of my car speed display, to use the Tilen Library which is very very right written by Tilen available on the website stm32f4-discovery

But, when using it, it works well, but this library is very slow, and more if the SPI is not quick, like on the STM32F401RE

This slowness is due to the no use of the DMA on the STM32.

Tilen had enhanced his code on my request, but it’s not efficient at all. (no derogatory criticism, he did a great job)

So, I decided to spend time to do my own code and using the DMA.

I had already wrote an article on this subject, which show the comparison on different level of DMA use. I will not explain this again, you can read this article here

So let’s go for fun …

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Université d’été EnOcean à Lyon Ecully le 16/17 septembre 2015

J’ai pu, semaine dernière, participer aux universités d’été de EnOcean à Lyon.
Ne connaissant pas ce média de communication domotique, j’ai vu à quel point il est populaire et largement utilisé dans le domaine.
L’intérêt de ce protocole est lié surtout au fait qu’il peut être utilisé avec des déclencheurs sans pile et sans fil.
Oui oui, sans pile, car ils ont trouvé des solutions pour faire de la récupération d’énergie  (système par micro-dynamo, cellule photo-voltaique, et capteur à effet peltier)
Il existe une multitude de fabricants de périphériques EnOcean qui permettent de faire de bonnes installations, de manière très simple.
La technologie est un peu chère mais semble très fiable et éprouvée.
De grands groupes immobiliers, comme Bouygues Immobilier, sont actuellement en cours d’étude sur le sujet pour équiper leurs constructions neuves.

Cette technologie sera une de mes prochaines évaluations techniques au sein de mon job professionnel,  donc d’ici quelque temps, je vous ferai part de mes investigations technique sur la partie développement.

J’ai hâte de m’y  mettre ^^

ILI9341 LCD Driver + STM32F4 + DMA

Object : with/without DMA comparison, Code optimization and comparison, analyze of the problem

For a specific project, I need to use a Color LCD 320×240 with a ILI9341 Driver on a STM32F401

To Start as soon as possible, I had downloaded a library from STM32F4/29
The author and admin of this site develop a lot of wonderfull libraries. He is active on his site and answer to all questions that we can ask.

So I have made a basic project to test on my nucleo STM32F401RE.
The LCD is used in SPI mode because it’s the commonly board and shield that you can found easy on the web.

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Proftpd Server and logs in fifo

In this Article, we will see how to install and setup a FTP Proftpd server.

The first section will show hot to install and setup the server, the second one will explain how to configure logs to be place in a fifo.

The main goal to place logs in fifo is the flexibility to manage the events of the FTP server to process those informations and share them easily with other applications in real time.

This technic to manage event come from an idea : I have a web Server that receive informationevents from products and a FTP server which is used to update firmware of those products. There no correlation between those 2 servers the only way to know if a product had done is firmware update was to look at server logs manually. I didn’t know in realtime if the product has been updated.

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SSH connection for development

For my developments I need to access to my Raspberry to compile and test my software, directly without cross-compilation. This Subject will be treated in an other howto..

The main goal to compile on Raspberry is to be exactly in the right plateform and in the right environnement and the compiled code will be coded excatly with the right libraries of the target.

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Automation Voice Server on Raspberry Pi

My First challenge for my Raspberry Pi card is to developp a automation server controled by voice.

Like the “Iron Man” movies, I want to get my own JARVIS, my own digital butler. Of course, I will stay in somethings real, I will try to pilot switch on/off lights, remote my TV, my music player, electrical outlets, etc… I don’t ask it to make a digital armor, so be serious, but perhaps … ^^

In this project, you will find different points :

  • Text to Speech technologie to answer to order
  • Speech to Text (voice recognition) to understant commands
  • Electronic design for the controled devices (RF, infra-red)

This subjects will be detail during my research. You’ll find links to follow them in the previous list.

I hope this project will interest you.

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Raspberry Pi : Discovery and first installation

I had discover the raspberry Card from a friend.

This Board is amazing : (see the description here)

For the first step, I’ll show you how to prepare the SD card and give you a tour of the Card.

The Raspberry Card can run only if the SD card contains a linux distribution. You  can, if you have skills, install your own linux distribution.

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